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Your premier destination for comprehensive gastroenterology

Your premier destination for
comprehensive gastroenterology care

At GI Associates, we prioritize your health, privacy, and rights above all else. As part of our commitment to transparency and patient-centric care, we have provided a range of essential notices and disclosures to ensure you are well-informed.

Our dedicated team is here to deliver exceptional medical expertise while upholding your privacy and individuality. Please take a moment to explore the disclosure links.

Insurance & Billing

GI Associates partners with most major insurance plans in our region; to ensure that our patients receive top-quality care without worrying about the financial burden. We are proud to participate with Medicare and WI Medical Assistance, as well as welcome referrals from the Veteran's Administration. However, if you do not have insurance coverage or have health insurance that is not accepted or contracted with us, our financial counselor will discuss payment options with you beforehand.

To make your visit to our office as smooth as possible, all we ask is that you bring your current insurance card to each appointment. Any office visit copayment amounts are collected at the time of your appointment. Prior to any scheduled procedures, we will communicate with your insurance company on your behalf, if necessary.

At GI Associates, we believe in transparency and integrity, and that includes in our billing practices.

If you ever have questions about a bill, our billing office can be reached at (715) 847-0048 or toll-free (866) 908-0048.

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